5 Best Lightweight Vacuum for Cleaning Stairs

5 Best Lightweight Vacuum for Cleaning Stairs

It can be challenging at times to find the best vacuum cleaner for stairs. This is basically informed by a number of factors and especially the fact that you’ll need a vacuum which combines all the best features and functionalities while at the same time being light for portability. When making your selection, it is always good to consider the kind of flooring you’ll be dealing with and also the frequency of your cleaning. The best Shark vacuum normally offer some great features which could match any need especially because they are either cordless or have a reliably long cord. However, there are also others that you’ll find to be reliable and this article will highlight 5 of them:

  1. Shark HV292

The Rocket Corded Hand Vacuum cleaner is one of the best hark vacuum cleaners for stairs. Despite the fact that its corded, this unique cleaner is lightweight, compact and portable thus allowing you to move it up and down the stairs with ease. The vacuum is versatile and comes with numerous attachments not to mention that it also has TruePet motorized brush which effectively extracts accumulated pet hair from different types of surfaces including upholstery, rags and carpets. You can easily reach tough crevices using the extended hose and enjoy the 400W motor which guaranteed perfectly maintained suction.

  1. Eureka Handheld Vacuum 71B

This small, handheld vacuum cleaner also ranks highly when it comes to stair cleaning. The EasyClean Corded vacuum is capable of collecting pet hair, dust and debris from different types of surfaces. It offers a canister which is easy to empty. It also has a 25ft-long cord which will allow you to clean the stairs without any hassles and this can also be plugged on different power sources if the need arises. The small vacuum cleaner performs optimally and is highly reliable.

  1. Hoover Air BH52160PC

The handheld BH52160PC Cordless Bagless vacuum cleaner from Hoover is also a lightweight – weighing 4lbs only- cleaning appliance which you can use to clean your stairs satisfactorily. It has an attractive design but its uniqueness does not end there. You can use it to clean tougher spaces and its powered turbo tool works magically well on pet hair even on carpets. It has reusable filters. It has fade-free lithium batteries which makes it easier to use even in parts where there are no sockets.

  1. Shark Navigator NV356e

The Lift-Away Professional Upright vacuum cleaner comes with a great cyclonic technology which guarantees powerful and reliable suction. Being one of the best shark vacuum cleaners, the tool is ideal for stairs and other surfaces and can be used to get rid of dirt from smooth surfaces and carpets with equal power. If you are looking for a vacuum that will pick pet hair and dirt with ease, then the bagless upright vacuum will be the best bet. It comes with powerful HEPA filter which is ideal for allergen removal.

  1. Bissell 1985

The Multi Cordless Handheld Vacuum is ideal for terrains which aren’t flat thus making it a suitable match for stairs. It is easy to maneuver and control plus it does the cleaning with perfect precision. Bissell 1985 is cordless and therefore you can move it up and down the stairs without any restrictions with its compact and removable 22V Lithium-ion batteries coming in handy always.

These are some of the best lightweight vacuum cleaners for stairs and they are also budget friendly and easy to maintain.

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