Anavar for men: Dosage and Result

Anavar for men: Dosage and Result

The Anavar Cycle for men has many uses in bodybuilding. It is the secondary name for Oxandrolone, which is a synthetic form of testosterone DHT. Long ago, these tablets became available and as a medication helped fragile patients gain muscle, boost immunity, and help relieve bone pain.It is not a narcotic; it is a class I steroid. In the bodybuilding industry, it is fondly referred to as “Var” and provides an array of benefits. It has a mild interaction with the body, but works well to help drop unwanted fat, especially from areas where fat is hard to lose.


This supplement is a synthetic male sex hormone making it an androgen drug. It has a low reaction with body systems, and it does not affect the natural production of testosterone and therefore it has got much positive effects on the male body.


Most steroids are altered when they reach the liver, but Anavar is not. That means that it reaches the blood stream and is transported to the cells intact. As such, it can cause accelerated hair loss for men who carry the gene for male pattern baldness. Other side effects include acne-like bumps and an increase in bad cholesterol and a drop in good cholesterol levels. There are rare associations with harmful side effects, but when those occur they are serious. These cycles are not for men who have a history of cardiac disease, heart attacks, strokes, or hypertension.


Arterial disease increases with the use of this supplement since it causes a negative shift in cholesterol levels. Despite all of these precautions, it has a very low impact on the body. It has much positive effects on the male body though it has other implications too. For that reason, it is a drug that is popular among male and female bodybuilders.

Anavar does not cause wild fluctuations in people’s hormone levels. For that reason, male and female bodybuilders often prefer a 10mg Anavar only Cycle. With many other steroids, the impact on naturally produced hormones is greater. When that cycle ends, the body goes through a period where it creates too much of hormones like testosterone to overcompensate for the huge drop in hormones when the cycle ends.


Though it is a mild supplement, yet it carries many benefits without the big drop and when the cycle ends it makes it perfect. The basic cycle for men generally lasts 4-8 weeks and sometimes may vary. This is an anabolic steroid with a mild impact on the body, but also that produces tremendous results. To receive the best results that this drug has to offer requires that you maintain a healthy diet that is balanced and low in fat.


Your body is naturally looking for fats, sugars, and excess carbs to turn into energy. By not supplying those kinds of resources to your body the weight loss caused by taking Anavar increases. It is also a good idea to increase your exercise routine during the cutting cycle for men so that you drop more fat. Anavar makes it easy for your body to shed fat and exercise increases those results.

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