Avail Professional Medical Assistance

Avail Professional Medical Assistance

There are many patients out there who are always seeking better treatments for their medical condition. Since that is the case, recently India has left its doors open for the patients from seven countries to visit and get their medical treatment done in a reputed and well-known medical hospital.

Even if you are in Oman, you can avail the Medical visa to India from Oman. This visa can get you a chance to get your medical condition treated in a much better. There are professional and specialists in India who have the dexterity and knowledge to get you free from your diseases and ailments.  It is important for you to understand that medical visa is must Omanis looking for treatment IN India. Once they have a visa, they can conveniently go for a treatment.

Medical Visa is Essential!

The Indian Embassy in Muscat states on its website that medical visa is essential for all the foreign nationals looking medical care in well-known specialty hospitals or treatment centres in India. Here general guidelines for the application of visa are applicable; however similarly medical visa apps form should be coupled with a referral letter or a preliminary medical advice from Oman hospital recommendingfor specialised medical treatment abroad. There should also be a letter from hospital in India, showing appointment or sharing willingness to undertake medical treatment. If the patient has no letter or message from the hospital in India for the medical treatment, the process cannot be furthered.

Talking about the duration of the visa and the number of entries permitted depend mostly on the seriousness of the ailment and the expected duration of treatment. However, usually only two attendants or family members can accompany the patient. Of course they are also scrutinised before they enter the country. Thereis proper documentation and steps are taken only after the satisfaction of the authorities. The duration of the visa of the attendees is same that of the patient.

What is the use?

If you are pondering about what is the use of going to India for medical treatment then you need to rethink. There are many arrangements that might be missing in another country. What is the issue if the patient gets the better or best treatment for their severe medical condition? There are different ailments related to heart, bones, and organs and so on that is included in the list of medical conditions to be allowed under the medical visa.

Maybe you have a treatment in you are but it is really expensive. Now what you can do is you can rely on a treatment that is much cheaper and more effective in another country. Maybe the doctors in your area have said that they cannot go further with the patient because of the serious complications involved. Here, you can seek the medical assistance of Indian hospitals. You just need to go through the medical tourism from Oman to India and you can get a picture of this procedure and how things happen.


So, you can go for the excellent medical assistance of reputed hospitals in India only once you have the medical visa.

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