Biography of Maggie Cheung Ho-yee

Maggie Cheung Ho yee is a Honk Kong actress who born at Hong Kong in China in 1969. A very well known television actress who has signed a contract with a television channel called TVB. Currently she is a Freelance artist. In the Year 1994 she was nominated as the top five contestants in Miss Hong Kong TVB’s beauty contest. She did not manage to become the winner of this contest but secured the special award for best potential artist. Her career started in the year 1989. Currently she has turned down to 48 years of age. She has completed her college from St Mary Canossian College. Her body height is 175 cm and weight is 49 Kg with a zodiac Sign of pieces.

  • Career:-

In the year 1989 she has stepped her foot in the professional field. Her career phase started to bloom over her when she first got the leading role to play in the act of “Old Time Buddy”. Actually she got noticed first by the audience in 1994 when she had participated Hong Kong beauty contest and got selected in the final top five. In the TV serial “Old Time Buddy” She gained the maximum popularity from the audience as she had played the role of a character of 60’s teen idol Connie Chan Po Chu. These characters get good response as she had played an excellent role of Connie Chan.

The response from the audience was tremendous due to the sequel in which she has to catch a thief in the movie. In her career she has worked with various male co stars with her. Some of them are like Louis coo, Gallen lo,Roger kwak, Steven Ma, Moses chan ,Gordon Lamp, and Joe Ma and numerous other male actors too. Her pairing with Garren Lo was appreciated by all. In romantic films they worked together the most. In 2003 she has won the best female lead actress award which a TVB actress can receive. In 2004 again she won an award for the film “War and the beauty”. This was one of the” Conquerors Story”.

  • Family Life:-

Maggie Cheung Ho-yee was born and brought up in Hong Kong. She grew up in the family of Taishan Heritage of Guangdong. She has three sisters Wylie Cheung, Carrie Cheung, and Susie Cheung. She is currently living single with her three sisters. Her father was a retired civil servant for the Hong Kong government. Actually She belongs from a shanghai family. Her eldest sister Wylie and younger sister husbands are the regular employees of Cathay pacific. She was married to Olivier Assayas .Later they were separated from each other.

  • Net worth:-

She is currently the most expensive film actress of Hong Kong with a net worth of $1000000. This is due to the fact that she had several hit films and TV serial to her name which has made her the most demanding actress in Hong Kong.

  • Social presence :-

She is one of the most loved and adored ambassadors of UNICEF. She helps children suffering from HIV and AIDS. She also helps children with disabilities. This is one of the most astounding and remarkable part of her social character which lifts her image as a great celebrity. Check out Maggie Cheung Ho Yee Instagram

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