How to Shop for Your Kids

When it comes to the holiday season, both Christmas and Chanukah will require you to do some shopping for gifts. This is, of course, mostly for the benefit of the children in your life, and so you may need some help connecting with the youth of today as for what to buy them While asking them directly is certainly helpful, it might give away the surprise, so you may want to seek some outside help. Here are a few suggestions.

How to Shop for Your Kids

First and foremost, let’s talk about classic gifts for children. For starters, Lego is not only a classic toy that continues to enjoy success, but also a brand of toy devoted to Lego-ifying various intellectual properties, or IPs, in the Lego style. What this means is that children today not only get to enjoy the Lego experience but also get to enjoy a version of the Lego experience combined with Star Wars, Batman, or whatever they’re into. Likewise Hot Wheels seem to have maintained popularity from their inception until today. The point here is not to rattle off the complete list of classic toys, but rather to show you that toys from your own childhood have maintained relevance and can serve a bridge from your world into theirs. This not only helps with shopping for gifts but also to further enjoyment of said gifts by creating a form of bonding.

Next on the list, let’s look at current trends in children’s toys. The phenomenon that is YouTube has ensured that kids everywhere are in love with Minecraft and Five Nights at Freddy’s whether they’ve played the games or not. The case of the latter, this is for the best, as the FNAF series is a series of horror games, but the characters are adorable animals, so FNAF toys make great gifts for kids. The best part is that this remains true whether they’ve heard of FNAF or not, as, again, the characters are cartoon animals. Where Minecraft is concerned, the game, itself, is similar to Lego, as it is based around playing in a virtual world made of bocks. Therefore, toys in this brand are similar to Lego, as well, and Lego has also made a Minecraft playset.

In a similar vein, video games can make great gifts as well. As mentioned above, Five Nights at Freddy’s may not be appropriate for child, though it is a mild example of horror. I would caution parents to use their own judgement, and, again, the game is all over YouTube, so the research is easy with this one. Minecraft, however, is fun for the whole family and a favorite of kids everywhere, so it makes a great gift. However, a common thread between both of these games is that they’re independently made, and in an industry full of shooter games, the indie scene is the best place for simpler, more kid friendly games.

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