Importance Of Patient Monitoring Device In Recovery Of Patient

Importance Of Patient Monitoring Device In Recovery Of Patient

Monitoring in general terms means observing or supervising something. In medical arena too, monitoring is a common terminology. Monitoring means observation of any disease or medical condition of the patient which is based on certain specific parameters. The monitoring is very important as it helps in analysing and concluding about the health of the patient. It is also helpful post-surgery or treatment in knowing the speed of recovery.

For patients with critical health issues, the monitoring is constantly done with the help of device which is placed just beside the bed of the patient. The Doctors and nurse study the vital signs which are displayed on the monitor of the device which helps in determining the actual condition of the patient. The patient monitoring device is a common sight in Intensive Care Units where patients with critical issues are kept under observation.

Patient monitor manufacturers in India supply quality products and one can explore various brands which sell at various price ranges. One can compare the price quoted by different suppliers and make the buying decision carefully. It is recommended to check the quality of the equipment before buying since it is related to the health of the patients. Thisequipment can also be bought in bulk by the health institutes and hospitals.

The device:

It is the device usually one may have seen in the hospitals where lots of chords attached to the body of the patient and the other end of the same is attached to a unit. It helps to keep a watch on the internal movement of the organ with the help of which the paramedical staff or concerned doctor can keep a watch on the patient’s body movement, the response of the body to the given treatment and in the case of any situation going beyond control.

Biotelemetry, as well as telemetry, means the transferring of data from the monitor to monitoring station which is located at a distant place. There are different types of monitoring which can be categorized as follows:

  • Cardiac Monitoring

Electrocardiography is termed as cardiac monitoring in common language. The electrocardiography helps in determining the patient’s cardiac condition along with the cardiac rhythm. A small monitor which is usually worn by the patient is termed as Holter monitor. Cardiac monitoring also consists of cardiac output monitoring which is done through the invasive catheter.

  • Hemodynamic Monitoring

The hemodynamic monitoring is used for monitoring of blood flow along with the blood pressure in the circulatory system. The blood pressure is normally measured in 2 different ways, the non-invasive way through inflatable blood pressure cuff and the invasive way via blood pressure transducer.

  • Respiratory Monitoring

Respiratory monitoring includes pulse oximetry which means measuring of oxygen percentage in blood. The monitoring is done through infrared finger cuff. The carbon-dioxide concentration is also measured with use of capnography.

  • Neurological Monitoring

The Neurological monitoring help to monitor brain waves of the patient.

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