Some Important Facts That You Need To Know About Hip Replacement Surgery

Replacement surgeries are some of the most delicate operations performed by surgeons. It calls for precision and perfection so that the replacement becomes a success. And when it comes to the largest ball and socket joint of your body, your pelvic joint, the operation gets all the more complex and calls for specialised surgical skills.

Sometimes if we injure ourselves and hurt our pelvic region, doctors suggest hip replacement surgeries. These are never the first option and when medications and physiotherapy fails to lessen the pain, then only do surgeons decide to go with this procedure. Well if your doctor is prescribing this surgery for you then go and take a second opinion. If both the medical opinions are the same, start making arrangements for gathering the cost of hip replacement in India and then go and get admitted for a surgery. Here are some basic facts about this kind of surgery that will help you the process that you are about to go through:

  1. Just as the name suggests this surgical process involves the removal of parts of your ball and socket joint which have been affected and then they are replaced by artificial material. These replacement devices are collectively known as prosthesis and they will function as a proxy for your damaged part for the rest of your life.
  2. The materials that are used for making the prosthesis can be plastic, metal or even ceramic. These materials are used in different forms of combination to make the prosthesis. The most common combination is that of a socket made out of plastic and ball made out of metal. Apart from this combination, cemented, uncemented, ceramic on plastic and metal and on metal are also used. The doctor will ask you about your preferred combination of materials and he or she will also advise which would be the best one for you and why. Depending upon the materials that you choose and the skill set required the hip replacement in India cost will vary.
  3. Hip replacement surgeries are known to benefit patients who suffer from various forms of arthritis like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis etc. Patients find relief from long term pain and they can also help in reducing the damage. In case of a severe case of hip fracture then the surgeons are left with no other option but to go for a hip replacement surgery.
  4. The good thing about this kind of surgery is that there are minimal risks associated with it. It takes about 1-2 hours to complete this surgery and only in rare cases do embolisms develop or there remains a chance of infection.
  5. People who are young are generally not advised to go for hip replacement. People who are above 60 years old are asked to do this surgery sometimes if they want to get relief from a long-term hip region pain and in case of any kind of fracture that will take a lot of time to heal. So, whether you will have a surgery or not depends on your age.

These important facts should always be with you in case of you are thinking about a hip replacement surgery.

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