Know About The Most Popular Steroid Of All Time

Know About The Most Popular Steroid Of All Time

Needless to say that physical appearance plays a vital role in making or breaking your image at the first look. People notice how you look at the first instance. It is not about God gifted features but the effort you give to build a great body. It might be your passion or profession but fitness is always encouraged. It not only makes you look good but also builds confidence. Diet and exercise are the two core points of building a body but that can be a lengthy process. When you want to quicken the results you can use steroids.

Which one is recommended?              

There are many steroids in the market each having its own advantages and disadvantages. But Methandienone was the first among the synthetic anabolic steroids developed and is since then one of the most popular performance enhancing brand name for methandione pills. It is so popular for its ease use and high potency. Dianabol is also referred as Dbol. It is a potent anabolic that works by enhancing protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. This helps the body manage greater workload and feel less fatigued. It improves muscle strength and gives visible cuts and muscle growth in a short time.

Side effects

Steroids are very popular among athletes and body builders. It is true that there are multiple benefits of this drug but that cannot make us overlook its side effects. It is important you have knowledge about the ill effects too before using it to take precautionary measures.

The drug is not recommended to women as it can cause permanent hoarsening of voice even with a low dose. It is toxic for the liver and hence its use must be restricted to not more than 6 weeks at a time.

Dianabol is rapidly absorbed in stomach and can cause cramping if not adequate amount of water is taken. There are proven results that Dianabol metabolites are found in urine for four weeks or more even after discontinuing of it use.  Dianabol can cause serious side effects if not taken properly. It is best to follow prescribed dosage.


The dosage varies depending on multiple factors like age, gender, experience with the drug etc. Men athletes can take 10mg per day for starters and gradually increase it to 25 to 50 mg. Women should take 5 mg and can increase its dosage upto a limit of 10mg. High dosage is recommended to be taken broken into parts throughout the day. It is best to consult a doctor for knowing the exact amount you should take per dose calculated on the basis of your medical condition.

Buy your pack today

There are countries which have legally approved the drug to be purchased without prescription and for other countries the steroid can be bought only with proper prescription. You can also purchase it online as well. There are sales and discounts on many websites. Try to see results.

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