Quality Dog Foods – What Do You Need to Know


If you’re a dog owner, choosing the best quality dog food is obviously one of the most important things you can do in order to keep it happy and in good health. There are different dog food brands in the market and these vary in quality thus making your selection an important thing to consider. As you visit your local store or buy online, some of the leading brands you’re likely to come across include orijen dog food puppy, senior and adult food, Zignature dog food and other brands to name just but a few. When choosing food for your dog, some of the things you should know include the following: –

Ingredients matter

When buying quality dog foods, it is very important for you to consider the ingredients used as well as the content quantity. Some foods contain multiple ingredients while others might have only one ingredient. As such, always look at the ingredients and consider the percentage without including water. In case only a single ingredient is used, make sure that it occupies at least 95% without including water. As a matter of importance, consider the protein component in the food as this is very important when it comes to dogs’ food.

Consider grains and glutens

Knowing your dog is very important when purchasing the food. Some dogs are allergic and thus should not have food containing grains and gluten. If your dog is allergic, always go for gluten-free food and if possible avoid grains altogether. Most pet manufacturers normally use glutens, grains and by-products to beef up the level of carbohydrates as these are a good source. Always consider whether your dog is allergic to anything including meats before buying any given package.

Dog food nutritional adequacy

Different dog foods have different adequacies. The adequacy determines the life stage for which any given food is suited. For example, orijen dog food puppy is only ideal for puppies and won’t be balanced and complete for adult and senior dogs. The same case applies to dog foods designed for seniors and adults as their composition is designed to meet different needs for growth and health.

Wet or dry dog food?

Dry dog foods are the most popular basically because they are easy to store even without refrigeration. Dry dog food is also a little bit cheaper compared to wet food and this is basically understandable. Wet or canned food is considered more palatable and contains more fresh meat, fish, poultry and animal by-products.

Food for dogs with special needs

You can get the right food in case your dog has some special needs. Always talk to your vet and establish the right diet for your pet especially if it has some dietary restrictions and sensitive stomachs. These foods are designed to meet special needs in your dog and help with the special conditions.

Knowing the best dog food will help you provide your dog with well-balanced, high-quality food to keep the pet healthy. The right food will help enhance your dog’s immune system and keep its digestive system in perfect health.

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