Is use of electronic cigarettes recommended during pregnancy?

Vaping along with electronic cigarettes is considered to be a safer bet than the smoking of traditional form of cigarettes. It would even help a user to quit smoking and you would need to take notice of the fact that they too go on to put nicotine into your body. So vaping and pregnancy 2016 is still not a safe choice for money who is breastfeeding or pregnant at the same time. When you are pregnant, you may tend to explore ways on how to quit smoking.

What do you understand by an electronic cigarette?

When the term electronic cigarette comes to your mind, it is nicotine based delivery. Some of them tend to look futuristic and some in the form of regular cigarettes. It contains a battery and a cartridge is filled with a liquid which goes on to contain nicotine where chemicals or flavours are part of it. This may include chemicals in the form of glycerine. The liquid tends to get heated up inside and when you inhale it goes on to become a vapour. Hence it is known as vaping

When you smoke a regular cigarette by burning tobacco nicotine is transferred to your lungs. This is the smoke which is created that you inhale. As all of us are aware tobacco is known to contain hundreds of chemicals and vaping while pregnant is a disaster waiting to happen as it is known to contain nicotine at the same time. It is common to come across traces of nickel or chromium in the developing foetus of a mother.

The worst part is that the liquids which are used in cigarettes are not regulated in any form. Many of them are known to contain harmful chemicals. Though there has not been any major study that has been conducted on the safety part of inhaling of these vapours, be it alone in case of pregnant women as well.

Pregnancy, nicotine and where your baby stands.

One thing that you would need to understand is that e-cigarettes still go on to put nicotine in your body. There is no safe limit as far as exposure of nicotine is considered in your body. When there is exposure to nicotine before birth it is going to alter the brain structure of the babies and eventually lead to other forms of deformities. When there is use of tobacco products during pregnancy it may lead to miscarriage or another form of birth defects. Nicotine is it from regular or electronic cigarettes is going to show up in your breast milk as well.

In the true sense of the world, no pregnant women should smoke. But this is not the case as many women who are pregnant do smoke. Once you have figured out whether you are pregnant you should stop smoking on an immediate basis. Seek the expert guidance of your doctor on how to quit the process of smoking. Just seek his opinion on whether switching to e-cigarettes would be a nice option or not.

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