How to Use KMSPico for Windows and Office Activation

How to Use KMSPico for Windows and Office Activation

For any Windows and Microsoft Office users, getting rid of “Windows is not genuine” notification is definitely one of the major concerns. While some people can easily access different Windows software, a great percentage of others are unable and this is where KMS activator comes into play to help not only in getting rid of the notification but also enabling you to enjoy the essential features offered by the software. For you to enjoy these benefits, however, it is important to know how you should use the KMPSpico activator for Windows and Office. Here is a brief guide on how you should use the activator: –

How to Use Kms Activator for Microsoft Office and Windows

The first thing you should do before downloading the activator is to ensure that both your computer and laptop’s antivirus and firewall are disabled. This is very important when downloading and installing the activator for the first time. The disablement is necessitated by the fact that antivirus and firewall consider crack files to be a hack and therefore will block them when you try to install without disabling them. To successfully install and use KMS activator, start with this step.

Once this is done, you should go ahead and download the KMSPico activator into your computer. It is always safe to do this from a trusted site for a guarantee in quality. Always do this when downloading any program files or any other item online. Once you’re done with the downloading, go ahead and install your Setup file to your laptop or PC. Proceed to the installation directory where you should find KMSpico Activator.

When you find it, you should open to find KMSeldi.exe application. Once you do this, a new window will appear from where you can see three buttons. Pick on the red one and click on it. Give it a few seconds and then check to verify that the app has “Successfully Activated”. With this, the Microsoft Office and Windows will be activated.
KMS activator is such easy to use and gives you lifetime activation on the computer where it’s installed. You no longer have to worry or struggle with issues of your Operating System activation as long as you have this program.

You do not need to run KMSpico Activator on a daily basis as it was not designed to run that way. It is absolutely safe and harmless to your computer system and not detectable by Microsoft. You can uninstall the activator if you wish and reinstall any time when you need to activate your Windows and Office. KMS activator can be used to activate all the Windows up to Windows 2017.

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