Useful Facts About Hip Replacement Surgery

Useful Facts About Hip Replacement Surgery

What is a hip joint?

It is similar to a ball and socket functionality where thepelvis is connected with the femur. This connection makes the axial skeleton be connected to lower extremity. In above mechanism, theball is the femoral head and socket is actually the Acetabulum. This hip joint mechanism is ruled by a number of muscles which allow you to rotate your hip well and hence walk. This joint permits 360-degree motion for the bones to pivot in the direction of both the two axes.

Now, what commonly causes hip pain?

Such kind of pain generally takes place on theoutside of your hip, upper thigh area or outer buttock. The main reason of pain is due to the muscles, ligaments, tendons or other soft tissues that are all round the hip joint. In few cases, hip pain is elevated even due to other body problems or diseases like one that is in thelower back area. Not all hip pain needs surgeries! However, if your pain is severe and growing, then you should never ignore. Go to your family physician and he might ask you if needed to consult the best doctor for hip replacement surgery in India.

Who needs Hip Replacement Surgery?

  • Most common reason in patients with hip joint pain who have no other option left but surgery is Osteoarthritis in thehip
  • Another disease which needs surgical implementation is Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  • If you face an accident and get aninjury in hip joint, then surgery cannot be avoided.
  • There are certain bone tumors which further breaks down the hip joint.

Are there any pre-surgery measures which might help in treatment prior to surgery?

  • You might be having difficulty in walking due to extreme pain; hence doctor may advise you to use walking aids like acane.
  • Also special exercise programs can help you feel relieved.
  • Physiotherapy and other physical therapies can be taken daily.
  • Pain Killers and other medications can help

(P.S.: Such things can only help decrease pain and improve your lifestyle but cannot solve the problem permanently.)

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Why should you choose a nice medical assistant for you rather than direct doctor approach?

  • Getting the top doctor’s appointment is not an easy task. A good medical assistant will always have agreat connection in almost all top hospitals of India and thus you may get personal treatment.
  • They will even connect you socially with other people who have got treated before by the same doctor and hence discuss their experience with you. Getting the feedback about a doctor becomes so easy!
  • You can save cost also via a medical partner!

So, with this handy guide, be prepared for your hip replacement surgery.

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