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Why invest in Cryptocurrencies?

Since the birth of the mother of Cryptocurrencies in 2008, Bitcoin has made it clear that this value market is here to stay, inexorably expanding and making it unavoidable that Blockchain technology is the most reliable form of transaction in the world: today It has a market capitalization of 2,054,821 Million US Dollars.

More than 2 trillion is a figure that cannot be ignored.

From Willindex we consider that it is the market with the greatest growth potential today.

On April 14, 2021, the American cryptocurrency exchange giant  Coinbase debuted its IPO on Wall Street. The fact that the largest stock exchange in the world hosts a corporation in this segment under all its regulations, is an obvious reflection that cryptocurrencies are here to stay and are a safe value.

Bitcoin , since March 2020, at its lowest price peak of that year (€ 3,557) to its highest rebound in 2021 (€ 53,851), has had an approximate growth of more than 1,400 %. If you had acquired, for example, 10 Bitcoins in March 2020 worth about € 35,500, in April 2021 they would have reached a value of € 538,510, neither more nor less, in just over a year. As simple as that.

Dogecoin, born in 2013, since the beginning of this year 2021 has appreciated more than 2,000%. Only in the week of April 10 of this 2021 it had a rise of + 532% in its price. The figures for calculating the benefits acquired are dizzying, but as real as those imposed by supply and demand.

Riplle , born in 2012 and strongly consolidated in the Cryptocurrency market, so far this year (2021) has had a maximum revaluation rebound of + 802%, of which 237% took place in less than two weeks in April 2021 .

Ethereum, one of the most popular Cryptocurrencies in this segment with compelling reasons for it. With the particularity of being a reprogrammable asset, it has a potential for future growth that makes it one of the most attractive. With a somewhat more modest revaluation compared to those mentioned above, this year it has accumulated profits of up to + 352% of profits.

Keep in mind that spectacularly high returns are only possible basically with two basic principles; when to take positions, and when to leave them.

It may seem simple, but the reality is different. That’s what Willindex CG is for, we do it for you

The interest of Ellon Musk (the American billionaire co-founder of PayPal, SpaceX and Tesla Motors, among others) in  Cryptocurrencies  is not something new, on February 8, 2021 Tesla Motors announced a  purchase  of  bitcoin  worth 1,500 million dollars, about 1,270 million euros… and ´´this guy´´ does not play jokes as far as his finances are concerned.

Morgan Stanley   (an American financial multinational that carries out its activity as an investment bank and stockbroker) values ​​an investment arm valued at 150,000 million dollars (about 125,000 million euros) in bitcoin, as the price of the most well-known cryptocurrency attracts the attention of Wall Street.

Galaxy Digital Holdings  and the American  Marathon Patent Group (companies that operate in the industry of digital assets and blockchain technology) on January 25, 2021 , acquired 4,813 bitcoins, € 230,605,000.

Too late to take part in cryptocurrency assets?

Not at all. The world is changing, very fast and action must be taken. This has only started!

Too late to take part in cryptocurrency assets?

Not at all. The world is changing, very fast and action must be taken. This has only started!

What guarantees do I have?

As with all our client’s portfolios , when you invest with Willindex your funds are protected with a Private Policy  Insurance of your funds at Lloyds Bank London , of $ 1,000,000 per investor (€ 830,000 approx. current exchange rate). Automatically and at no cost, just for being with us.