Frequent questions

I am already an investor. Can I have a selection portfolio at my own discretion?

WCG. Yes, as long as Willindex considers that a risk / benefit ratio is preserved within the parameters that ensure our standard of success.

Can I end my investment program and withdraw my money at any time?

WCG. Of course, with Willindex you have control, you can fully or partially end your exercise whenever you want, immediately and at a cost of 0 .

What guarantees are there?

WCG.In addition to having a strong structure with a presence in more than 100 countries, when you invest with Willindex your funds are protected with a Private policy insurance of your funds at Lloyds Bank London, of $ 1,000,000 per investor (830,000 € at the current exchange rate).

What do I have to do to be protected by the insurance policy?

WCG.You do not have to do anything, you will be covered automatically and at no cost, just for being with Willindex.

Is there a minimum amount to start with?

WCG. If there is a minimum amount, but since our values ​​go beyond whatever your purchasing power is, in the event of not reaching the minimum we advise you free of charge so that you can make the best decision and show you the path to growth.

What costs does your service have?

WCG.We only win if you win

Can I have a cryptocurrency-only or mixed portfolio?

WCG. Yes, you can have your portfolio only of Cryptocurrencies. Also your portfolio can be mixed, in addition to Cryptocurrencies, you can have all the assets that we consider of potential growth, (Gold. Oil- Stocks, Commodities -Nasdaq- Currencies and Futures)

I’m interested. What do I have to do?

WCG.Contact us or request your portfolio online.