Only if you are willing to take risks, you are prepared to achieve great benefits.

Willindex Capital Group
Cumulative Total Growth Percentage

Total profit accrued since inception, including; private management, weighted of all investment profiles and 100% of assets operated.

Our great success is the result of a disciplined work

Market outlook

After the economic shock of 2020, one of the consequences is the significant need to finance deficits. The public authorities will have to continue requesting the support of the central banks, to avoid tensions in the fixed income markets. However, this unlimited commitment will raise the question of the value of the money supply created in this way and whose sole purpose is to finance deficits.
The devaluation of the greenback could benefit countries that finance and trade in dollars, at the forefront of which are emerging countries.
The emerging sphere has the double advantage of a faster economic recovery and a commendable position in growth sectors.
We consider that after a depreciation of the dollar and other currencies, the price of gold will resume its upward trajectory during the year 2021.
By way of conclusion, considering the anomalous situation of 2020, we must be aware that the ability of companies to generate profits continues to be the decisive factor in stock market profitability.
Therefore, our investment strategy will continue to be built on four “anti-fragile” pillars:

  1. Acctions of companies with visibility on their growth
  2. China and its area of ​​influence
  3. Actors that benefit from the energy transition
  4. Metal mines that are linked to the production of electronic and computer components and precious metals.

Risk management

Risk management allows us to analyze the risks associated with the investment process of each portfolio.

At Willindex CG we focus this action on the process of identifying, analyzing and responding to specific risk factors for an investment.

Stock selection

If you are looking to invest in certain securities, you can request the advice of our risk control team to verify the effects of that selection on the risk profile of your portfolio.

Risk management

Our risk control team , using monitoring tools, will reassess the evolution of the portfolio’s real risk profile to quantify the degree of compliance with the indicated target risk profile .

Investment decision

The manager makes his investment decision after being informed of the recommendations issued by the risk control team.

                  One system, three levels of restrictions

The risk supervision team monitors compliance with the different investment limitations established for each program and provides the investment management teams with a detailed report. These limitations come in one of these ways:

  • Regulatory restrictions:

Imposed by the regulatory authority of the country of domiciliation of the IIC

  • Dubái -> DFSA
  • Australia -> ASIC 
  • United Kingdom -> FCA 
  • Statutory restrictions:

Description of the investment strategy and, therefore, of the investment rules , which can be consulted in the IIC prospectus or in any other related document.

  • Internal restrictions:

Established by the risk committee of Willindex CG consist of a series of more restrictive internal rules aimed at reducing the major risks considered in terms of the macroeconomic context, although they have been approved from a regulatory point of view and statutory.

These standards may be subject to revision and adaptation if necessary, at the risk committee’s discretion.