Willindex Capital Group

We advise you to get your full potential as an investor

Willindex was founded in 2008 with the aim of bringing high-performance, exclusive and personalized programs closer to the most demanding investors.

Years of work, a team of professionals in the sector, and the latest in routing technology for the execution of the sale, among others, make it possible for us to have been able to meet our objective:

Willindex Capital Group in association with Axicorp, has a solid structural fabric

+ 60.000 active clients
$2.580 million of negotiation in 2020
Presence in more than 100 countries with 6 offices worldwide

Regulators and Licenses

Finance Conduct

United Kingdom

Record number: 509746

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is the largest body in Europe, regulating the conduct of 59,000 financial services and financial markets entities in the UK, as well as the prudential regulator for more than 18,000 of these entities throughout Europe.

Australian Securities and Investment Commission.


Record number: 318232

The Australian Security and Investment Commission (ASIC) is an independent commission of the Australian government charged with being the national corporate regulator. ASIC’s role is to regulate business and financial services and enforce laws to protect consumers, investors, and creditors.

Dubai Financial Services Authority

Dubai. EAU

Record number: 2758

The Dubai Authority on Financial Services DFSA includes asset management, banking and credit services, securities, custody and trust services, commodity futures trading, and insurance. In addition to regulating financial and ancillary services, the DFSA is responsible for monitoring and enforcing anti-money laundering (AML) requirements.

What makes us different?

Our investment approach

We are an independent fir,. Our investment decisions have the sole objective of the performance of each investor, without having any relationship with banks, institutions or collective funds.

The only capital manager in which you have control

When it comes to investing to obtain profitability, the most important thing is to be comfortable and know at all times what is happening with your invested capital. This is possible with Willindex through the app

We are a firm specialized in high performance management

Currently, obtaining moderate profits is not very complex, but when an investor expects monthly returns of 20 to 40%, it is where Willindex CG stands out with results of 945% accumulated since the beginning

Our fundamental principles

For your investment to meet profitability objectives, you can count on the active approach of our fund management team , focused on 4 pillars:

Own analysis

Investment decisions are governed by a fundamental and independent analysis on countries and sectors that offer objective knowledge.

At Willindex , we have developed internal analysis processes reinforced by exclusive tools. In charge of analyzing potential investments, in order to identify the most interesting risk / reward profiles and to be able to make investment decisions free of fear.

Exchange of ideas

Our investment team has extensive experience in the macroeconomic field and in the stock markets, based on the exchange of ideas and solid teamwork.

Belief-based approach

The enrichment of sharing investment ideas by analysts and fund managers determines many of the actions taken in an investment.

Risk management

For Willindex  , risk management is essential to safeguard our clients’ investment capital. To do this, our fund managers apply risk analysis, control and management tools that are effective in carrying out their function.

Our team of investors will be key to defining your investment objectives . At Willindex  we have the experience of a broker team , which has invested for more than 30 years in different assets.

Strategic investment committee

The Strategic Investment Committee reviews the business and macroeconomic plans prepared by our analysts on a weekly basis for all asset classes. In addition, it is responsible for assisting in decision-making and fund management to reinforce the top-down components of your investment strategies .

Variable income

The strength of our experts in European, emerging and global equities is consolidated with the support of specialists in the financial market , which enriches the investment process through knowledge and an entrepreneurial mindset, aimed at addressing current changes driven by technology.

Investment solutions

If you are looking for real solutions, lean on Willindex , where we are experts in creating and managing comprehensive and customized solutions for our investors and distribution partners.

Portfolio advisors

Our team of portfolio advisers has extensive experience in the markets of all kinds of assets, being participants in the investment committee , in order to contribute to investment reasoning and act as a consultative body to analyze investment ideas raised by specialists .

This principle is the central nucleus of the investment process in the search for profitability. Willindex’s risk control team monitors the risk profile of the portfolios on a daily basis, in order to identify, quantify and analyze the risks inherent in our management.

A team independent from the management activity

The risk supervision team is the one who makes the decisions within the risk policy framework , operating independently from the investment management team .

Controlling risks in real tiem is taking control

To carry out effective risk control , it is essential to have real-time access to the portfolios of the management team , in order to be able to immediately identify the risks of non-compliance with the management mandate.

Making known our 3 levels of risk control:

Control level I
• Compliance with restrictions
• Periodic review of the contrl device

Control level II
• Supervision of the correct application of the first level control device 

Control level III
• Support in external services for the control of investment rules to independently evaluate the effectiveness of the control device.

One system, two approaches

The risk control of the management activity focuses on 2 complementary analysis approaches:

1. Qualitative approach. Based on common sense, empirical analysis, and professional advice.

2. Quantitative approach.

Focused on the use of mathematical models to make predictions.

Risk control also lies in the use of reference software tools / packages:

  • Bloomberg Compliance Manager for monitoring investment limits
  • MSCI Risk Managers (Riskmetrics) for global risk calculation and market risk monitoring